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Jilin Province spot checks interior decoration materials 79.48% unqualified Red Star Macalline on the list

Jilin Province spot checks interior decoration materials 79.48% unqualified Red Star Macalline on the list

December 23, 2014

[China paint information] recently, Jilin Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a document announcing the quality spot check and inspection results of interior decoration materials in the field of circulation. The results showed that 31 of the 39 groups of samples were judged to be unqualified, and the unqualified rate was 79.48% (the random inspection of commodity quality by the industrial and commercial department was targeted, and the test results did not represent the overall quality level of commodities circulating in the market)

it is reported that the Jilin Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce entrusted the Songyuan Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to conduct random inspection on BLOCKBOARDS, panel furniture and cabinets produced and sold by 28 enterprises in nominal Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. This random inspection of commodity quality is based on gb/t blockboard, gb/t general technical conditions for wood furniture, gb/t impregnated adhesive film paper facing wood-based panel, GB formaldehyde emission limit of indoor decoration materials wood-based panel and its products, and the national or industrial standards marked by the products. The screw grip force, internal bonding strength, water absorption thickness expansion rate, static bending strength, formaldehyde emission, impregnation stripping capacity, the production cost per 1000 pallets is 43.80 euros, and other indicators are mainly tested. The following problems are found:

first, the formaldehyde emission is unqualified. Formaldehyde emission is an extremely important performance index reflecting the safety performance of products. Formaldehyde has a strong irritating effect on skin and mucosa. GB18584-2001 "indoor decoration materials limit of harmful substances in wood furniture" stipulates that formaldehyde emission in wood furniture is ≤ 1.5mg/l. Adhesives should be used in the process of furniture production, and formaldehyde is one of the main components of adhesives. Manufacturers use low-quality adhesives during production, resulting in excessive formaldehyde content and affecting people's health

II. The static bending strength is unqualified. The static bending strength is the ratio of the bending moment to the bending section modulus of the specimen under the maximum load. Take man-made board as an example. When the man-made board is stressed, it will cause a certain bending. This situation is called "static bending". The "static bending strength" is the pressure strength that the man-made board can bear when it is bent to fracture. The higher the index value of "static bending strength", the stronger its ability to resist bending failure

III. the screw holding force is unqualified. Screw holding force is an important physical and mechanical property index of particleboard, and its size is related to the density, sizing amount and particle shape of particleboard

IV. the internal bonding strength is unqualified. The index is the key to reflect the bonding quality between the fibers in the substrate. Low strength will cause product delamination. The higher the internal bonding strength, the better the product's ability to withstand temperature changes, so that cracking and other phenomena will not occur. Only products with relatively dense wood as the substrate can ensure that they will not crack and deform under high temperature for a long time

v. the expansion rate of water absorption thickness is unqualified. Water absorption thickness expansion rate is to determine the ratio of the thickness increase of wood-based panel after water absorption to the thickness before water absorption, and its index is directly affected by manufacturing process factors. The greater the expansion rate is, the greater the strength reduction of the product after being damped, and the surface protrusion or even falling off will occur, which will seriously affect the service life

VI. the impregnation stripping performance is unqualified. The index of impregnation stripping is mainly reflected in the bonding performance between the layers of the plate under wet conditions. The better the impregnation stripping performance, the better the moisture-proof performance, and the longer the service life, even if we can't obtain the actual strength and the simulated toughness in the simulation

the Department of industry and Commerce has ordered the relevant operators to remove the unqualified commodities from the shelves according to the law, and investigated and dealt with them according to the relevant laws and regulations. Here, we remind consumers to pay attention to the following points when purchasing BLOCKBOARDS, furniture and cabinets:

1. When signing the contract, we must write in detail the types and parts of materials used in the goods, the brand of hardware accessories and other information promised by the manufacturer in the purchase contract. Be sure to ask for the product instructions. Keep the contract and purchase vouchers well, and take precautions against possible disputes in order to resolve disputes

2. When purchasing wooden furniture, you can pay attention to the appearance and processing quality of goods. Such as whether the appearance of furniture is flat and whether there is color difference. Whether the appearance of paint products is clean, wrinkled, exposed paint, etc. Whether the trimming of panel furniture is flat and smooth, and whether there is glue leakage. Whether the non interface surface of wood-based panel components is edge sealed. Attention should also be paid to the quality of hardware accessories. The outside of hardware fittings should be smooth and well electroplated. If it is found to be loose, it should be flexible to open and close, with a certain thickness, and there should be no rust, burrs, etc

3. If the goods are found to have quality problems, pay attention to keep the defective goods and packaging boxes, take the invoices and defective goods, and complain and claim to the relevant departments in time; If you find illegal acts such as counterfeiting and consumer fraud, you can call 12315 or report directly to the local industrial and commercial (Branch) office

list of unqualified goods and sampled persons of decoration materials in the circulation field of Jilin Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce

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