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More than 10% of packaged tableware in Guangzhou were unqualified

[ppzhan Abstract] it is reported that Guangzhou organized hygiene supervision and sampling inspection of tableware in 77 tableware centralized disinfection units in Guangzhou from late March to early April this year. The inspection results showed that the stereotyped packaged tableware of 9 Enterprises was unqualified because free chlorine, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus exceeded the standard, and the unqualified rate was 11.7%

according to the requirements of the "Hygienic standard for the replacement of pendulum and sample base in the disinfection of food (drinking) utensils" clearly required by the national health, industry and commerce, and food and drug administration, coliform bacteria shall not be detected in the disinfected tableware, and the residual chlorine used for disinfection shall not exceed the standard value. In Guangzhou, the sanitation supervision and sampling inspection of tableware in 77 tableware centralized disinfection units in Guangzhou found that 9 enterprises were unqualified

these nine enterprises are: Haizhu Junkang Zhile tableware disinfection Service Center (free residual chlorine), Haizhu Lequn tableware cleaning service center (free residual chlorine), Guangzhou Hengkang hotel supplies Co., Ltd. (coliform), Guangzhou Yikang cleaning and disinfection Service Co., Ltd. (coliform), Guangzhou jiawanfu tableware cleaning service Co., Ltd. (coliform) Guangzhou Huangpu District Beijie tableware disinfection factory (coliform group), Guangzhou Huadu District Xinhua heart, how to save the test pieces you have done? Apply varnish in batches and place tableware cleaning and disinfection Service Center (coliform), Guangzhou Huadu Xinhua Yijiakang cleaning and disinfection Service Department (coliform), Guangzhou Panyu District Shatou street guangkang disinfection Service Department (coliform, Staphylococcus aureus). The tableware disinfected by 9 centralized disinfection units of tableware do not meet the requirements, and it is common that the coliform group that is easy to cause diarrhea and other symptoms exceeds the standard

made a field visit to the listed units. Xinhua Xinhao tableware cleaning and disinfection Service Center and Xinhua Yijiakang cleaning and disinfection Service Department in Huadu District in the list have been unqualified for two consecutive years. Among them, the address announced by Xinhao center was several stalls in Xinhua Dabu village, but when they found the door, the room was empty, and there was a box of untreated dishes outside the store. After contacting the boss of Xinhao center, the other party said that the cleaning factory had moved to the nearby Yangwu village half a month ago, and the door was low to continue to provide tableware, but he did not provide a specific site

the Yijiakang service department is still at its original address. The walls of the plant are stacked with recycled waste plastic bottles. Sewage flows across the ground. Many unfinished tableware are placed in the sink of the production line. One worker said that business had been going on normally, and the boss also said that he had never received any notice of unqualified products

the sampling results of kangzhile tableware disinfection center in Haizhu District and Guangzhou Lequn tableware cleaning service company showed that the free residual chlorine exceeded the standard. Mr. Zhou, the boss of Lequn company, explained that we had a new worker who was not familiar with the process of insulating layer and put too much soaking powder and detergent when cleaning chopsticks

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