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Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision spot checked 11 batches of upholstered furniture products to meet the standard requirements

Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision spot checked 11 batches of upholstered furniture products to meet the standard requirements

May 18, 2016

[China paint information] utilization products: rubber, plastic, film, medium strength metal, sintered products, friction materials, fibers and fine wires, adhesives, foam materials, tapes, elastomers, connectors, biomaterials Wood and paper products, metal foil, metal wire, oil bearing, ceramics, parts, fasteners, composite materials, etc. on the 17th, the 2016 Guangzhou upholstered furniture product quality supervision and spot check results released by the officials of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision showed that the Bureau recently conducted supervision and spot check on the quality of upholstered furniture products in the production field of Guangzhou, and a total of 11 batches of products produced by 11 enterprises were spot checked, which all met the standard requirements after inspection

according to qb/t, there are 8 aluminum based new material projects in Jiangnan industrial concentration zone, including An'an high-end aluminum production base, Chenlong rare earth alloy plate and rod, Shenwei electronic aluminum alloy electronic parts processing, Fushun photoelectric smart street lamp, etc. 1951 Soft furniture sofa and qb/t 1951 "Soft spring mattress for upholstered furniture" inspects the fabric, physical properties of fabric, physical properties of bedding materials, materials for metal parts, wood products, hygiene, safety, formaldehyde emission, spring requirements, mechanical properties, durability and other items of upholstered furniture

the list of qualified products and their enterprises in the quality supervision and spot check of Guangzhou upholstered furniture products in 2016

general knowledge of product purchase and use

1. Pay special attention to the materials used in the frame, cushion and fabric when selecting upholstered furniture. For example, the leather sofa must be clearly indicated in the contract as full leather, half leather or thick leather sofa, so as to prevent the salesperson from passing half leather sofa off as full leather sofa. Hard miscellaneous wood (catalpa, oak, Manchurian ash, birch, etc.) is commonly used in the frame part, and the mortise connection structure is better than the screw connection structure in the connection part; The sponge used in the cushion should pay attention to the use standard. The higher the density, the better. In addition, the resilience of sponge is better; The strength of the fabric is better. The cloth with high strength should not be pulled out, and the leather surface will not relax

2. When choosing a mattress, pay attention to the strength of the spring, the filling material and the fabric. The strength of the spring depends on the steel grade used by the steel wire. The higher the steel grade, the better. The better material is manganese steel; The filling materials include cotton felt (or chemical fiber felt) and brown sheet. The cotton felt has good permeability and the chemical fiber felt has good strength; The fabric with anti mite treatment is better

3. Pay attention to the firmness of furniture structure. For example, when buying a sofa, you can use your hand to move the diagonal part inward. If it shakes or makes a creaking sound, it indicates that the structure is not firm

4. Check whether the internal knot of sofa or bed (cushion) will not be broken. This kind of new material will be the preferred material for skull repair. Whether there is mildew and moth eaten; Observe whether the furniture liner meets the requirements of the number of layers and sanitary indicators specified in the industry standards

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